A Different Marketing Proposal for Bulwark


Greetings Everyone,
I have known Bulwark since its early mining days. I started appreciating it from the very beginning for its straightforward usability and for its very helpful support team. I have been on the Bulwark telegram group since a very long time ago. You will find that I just subscribed to Discord, I never used it before, I was and am very happy with Telegram afterall.

Bulwark is, in my opinion a coin with true value, I believe it only needs a new approach to its marketing to promote it as a useful cryptocurrency. Easy Convertibility and usability of the coin will radically increase the coin’s intrinsic value and market value. I have created a list of objectives and objectives that will, in my opinion, have significant impact on Bulwark’s success as a coin.

Why Bulwark

Bulwark is a coin with a user-friendly GUI that works well, a blockchain that syncs in a decent timeframe, very inexpensive transaction costs, instant payment features. Bulwark is also one of the few cryptocurrencies to run fully on Proof of Stake, with very good payoffs to any user that believes in the coin and keeps it in their wallet for staking, instead of having it on exchanges only for trading purposes. Furthermore, Bulwark is one of the very few coins to be fully functional over the TOR network, bringing the cryptocurrency privacy concepts to a whole new direction. All these elements combined make Bulwark coin a hidden diamond among thousands of similar coins.

In terms of software and coding I strongly believe that BWK has all the right cards to be one of the top cryptocurrencies. What this coin is really lacking is a new marketing effort. I do not intend to criticize the work of the current and previous marketing managers, I just think that now a different marketing approach could yield impressive results.

Why Now

I strongly believe that we are in a turning moment in cryptocurrency history. Up to now we have been in an early development stage, where people have been working on getting the technology together and very early adopters have shown initial interest. The cryptocurrency industry is still in its very early days, more similar to a geek funfair than an actual market. True adoption is still far in the future. Investor’s interest has been mainly focused on the technology behind a single coin. In the long run, the coins that will most likely prevail are not necessarily the ones with the best technology, but most definitely the coins that will have the best marketing and widest adoption.

Some believe that cryptocurrencies are something completely new, unlike anything traditional markets have ever seen. In my modest opinion, cryptocurrencies is a disruptive product/service, but still respond to the basic logic of any new service/product. Marketing is very important for success. The key elements of marketing (product, price, promotion, point of sale) will have a fundamental role in determining any cryptocurrency’s success.

Today Bitcoin is by far the most adopted and widespread Crypto, but in the long run its lack of marketing guidance and strategy could undermine its ability to be the leading cryptocurrency. As in any industry, a good marketing and sales strategy and an effective implementation will determine a product/service leadership among others.

The turning point that we are approaching is that some cryptocurrencies are starting to realize the importance marketing in this industry. For example, Dash has promoted its use with merchants, has cooperation agreements with crypto ATMs companies for quick exchangeability, and is both present in all major exchanges and creating a powerful sales force in several countries. In my opinion Dash’s marketing is the reason why this coin has been stably one of the top cryptocurrencies in the last years.

What I would like to do

Here is a list of the core objectives that will, in my opinion, dramatically improve Bulwark’s success as a cryptocurrency.

  1. Convertibility of the coin to BTC and Fiat currencies in the fastest and easiest ways possible:
    a. Online.
      i. Presence in one or more of the main crypto exchanges, for higher liquidity and closer bid/sell gaps.
    b. Offline. This can be achieved in several ways:
     i. Partnership with crypto ATMs for instant and anonymous cash deposit and withdrawals
     ii. Partnership with money-exchange service companies to allow practical and ubiquitous exchangeability of the coin to any currency

  2. Usability of the coin. Making it easy for users to spend their coins for regular purchases.
    a. Creating key partnerships with:
     i. payment providers, both online and offline;
     ii. e-commerce software houses for Bulwark payment integration;
     iii. banks and POS service companies.
    b. Promoting the acceptance of BWK payment directly to online merchants. Consequent promotion, on Bulwarkcrypto.com, of merchants and ecommerce software houses that allow Bulwark payments for win-win effects.
    c. Creating a sales network to promote the coin to offline merchants.

These objectives are surely very challenging and complex, yet achievable. Some of these can be achieved in a few months time, while others require longer commitment and a team effort. To effectively achieve some of the above objectives we will require an actual marketing team working together for a common goal.
With your consent, I will start working to achieve these objectives on my own. I expect that, as soon as we progress towards those objectives, Bulwark’s value will appreciate. This will allow me, with the same investment from the community, to start and manage a small marketing team to boost forward our progression, increasing exponentially our goals progression.

I believe I have the skills to achieve these goals with the sufficient funding and support from Bulwark’s governance and dev team. I have over 10 years of business experience as an entrepreneur in the finance industry. I created a company from scratch that, in ten year’s time, became a leader in its domestic market through effective marketing and sales team creation and management. Apart from my personal experience in Finance, I have several contacts that can prove to be very important in achieving the above goals. My personal CV is can be downloaded at the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z1lzioIxppyVGPbaqybot2uv9H5eNGnJ/view?usp=sharing

How will I work

I will dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week (4 hours per work-day) working towards the outlined objectives. Every 2 weeks I will publish a report on this forum to summarize what was done and progress in achieving the above goals. This will allow the entire community to supervise what is being done and how. I will welcome any and all feedback and possible suggestions. I will request monthly funding to my work, so if the community should not be satisfied with the work they will be able to interrupt our cooperation and the funding very soon.

The cost of my work

I am asking for 20,000 Bulwark per month for my work. I understand this is a large part of the available funding.
I know that currently the majority of funding is currently being used for the community masternodes initiative. It is a great idea and I wish it was implemented much earlier, but I believe it is critical to implement a radically new marketing strategy immediately. Bulwark has been on a stable value decline for over a year now. Only in the last 4 months it has lost 80% of its value, from 8ksat on Jan 12th to 805sat today, May 12th. The more value is lost, the more people will consider this project “dead”, as many keep asking on Bulwark’s telegram these days. With all the many cryptocurrencies in the market, it is will be very, very hard to get back users that perceive the coin as “dead”. We need to reverse this trend NOW.

To Vote

Via the console:
mnbudgetvote many 2f3585f2763f517b43106d8220c2a2f8380979ae64782891260902779213eefa yes

Via the GUI:
Right-click on “ADifferentMarketing” and click “Vote Yes”

To verify I’ve requested what I have outlined:
Enter in to your RPC console “getbudgetinfo” and locate the vote “ADifferentMarketing”, you can then view all details about that proposal.

Thank you for your time reading this and I hope this will be the start of a wonderful business experience together, crafting Bulwark’s success for the years to come.

Yours sincerely,