Bulwark Core 2.2.0 Mandatory Update



Bulwark Core 2.2.0 Mandatory Update

Bulwark 2.2.0 is a mandatory update to address multiple security issues. Please update as soon as possible!

How to Update

As always, it is recommended to backup the existing wallet.dat file to a safe location before upgrading if you haven’t done so already via File -> Backup wallet and saving it in a different directory with a new name. If you use CLI/Linux, you can backup using the command ./bulwark-cli backupwallet. If your wallet is not running currently, you can back up the file “wallet.dat” from e.g. Start -> Run -> %APPDATA%\Bulwark on Windows by making a copy elsewhere.

  1. Gracefully exit/stop the current wallet from the wallet. (File - Exit or ./bulwark-cli stop)

  2. Download and install the new wallet appropriate for your OS.
    Linux/Rpi: Overwrite the existing executable files with the newly downloaded wallet binaries.
    Windows: Install via the setup executable file and run through the setup wizard to install.
    Mac OSX: Download .dmg file, open .dmg then drag bulwark icon to the applications folder icon. (copy over /Applications/bulwark-Qt)

  3. Re-start the wallet. (Launch from your Bulwark shortcut icon or ./bulwarkd for linux)

  4. Once the wallet finishes syncing

Update Scripts:


bash <( curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bulwark-crypto/Bulwark-MN-Install/master/update_node.sh )


bash <( curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bulwark-crypto/shn/master/update.sh )



• Fixed conflicts with stake spend fix
• Stake consensus fix
• Update protocol version to 70870
• Update version to v2.2.0
• Remove check for finalized budgets mnfinalbudget show
• Copyright year updates

Please note:

This Update is mandatory, update as soon as possible. The Spork to remove all old wallet connections will approximately be kicked off in 1 week from now!


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