Bulwark Marketing Proposal - March


Hello again Bulwark team - hope you are all doing well!

It’s that time of the month again where we are raising our proposals, and looking forward through the next month while reflecting on the past one.

Over the past month, we’ve seen a reversal of the previous downtrend in impressions earned by the Bulwark Twitter, as you can see here, from the spike at the start of January our impressions were steadily decreasing, we’ve now seen these numbers stabilizing with a recent uptick.

In line with these trends, you can see our increasing activity, as well as our bleeding follower count improving since January. In what is a shrinking bearish market like crypto, even holding a stable engagement count signals growth relative to “competitors”, I use the term “competitors” lightly as in my view, crypto is a team effort, and the tribalism between coins is a negative for the whole community.

On other platforms, unfortunately progress has been slow, due to how constrained the marketing budget was around the time of the last governance block, we’ve had very little to use to push our other platforms such as linkedin, or facebook. Not to mention the significant roadblock that acquiring written permission from facebook is proving to be.

Alongside this work, I am also considering new forms of content we can start creating for the Bulwark YouTube channel, as our tutorial series has covered almost everything in and around the wallet. Meetings were one thing we started uploading, but due to their infrequency they are not proving valuable for growth. This is an area I am really looking for community suggestions on from the marketing chat on Discord!

However, looking forward, we have a lot of potential for growth, with Bastion launching marketing efforts ahead of their very close release date, due to the Ethereum hard fork, we just need to wait a few extra days to be allowed further glimpses in to the Bastion machine.

Now for the actual proposal information.

This proposal allocated $800 towards wages, with a further $200 towards paid marketing campaigns.

    "Name": "Mrkting Prop March",
    "URL": "https://bit.ly/2ILGF59",
    "Hash": "95ebf5a3a4895708496d5d72ac2139142a345e6d3226f0a44c7383082151fefb",
    "FeeHash": "5611ffc0bd2da28d31d24a2a174739f1e3227ebbf4c9036ae670a0fabaf68282",
    "BlockStart": 432000,
    "BlockEnd": 460801,
    "TotalPaymentCount": 1,
    "RemainingPaymentCount": 1,
    "PaymentAddress": "bVnzUZen6Sn473trmkd5vJ3zVMW8HwtnT9",
    "Ratio": 0,
    "Yeas": 0,
    "Nays": 0,
    "Abstains": 0,
    "TotalPayment": 20000.00000000,
    "MonthlyPayment": 20000.00000000,
    "IsEstablished": false,
    "IsValid": true,
    "IsValidReason": "",
    "fValid": true

To vote yes to my proposal, you can either use the command below in your debug console:

To vote

Via the console:
mnbudgetvote many 95ebf5a3a4895708496d5d72ac2139142a345e6d3226f0a44c7383082151fefb yes

Via the GUI:
Right-click on “Mrkting Prop March” and click “Vote Yes”

To verify I’ve requested what I have outlined:
Enter in to your RPC console “getbudgetinfo” and locate the vote “Mrkting Prop March”, you can then view all details about that proposal. Furthermore, you can verify you are voting for my proposal by ensuring the “pay to” address is “bVnzUZen6Sn473trmkd5vJ3zVMW8HwtnT9”

Thanks again for your support, both towards me, and the project as a whole!


This proposal passed on 2019-03-17 10:55:49 UTC

The budget was paid out as part of the below tx: