Bulwark Marketing Proposal - Q2 2019


Hello once again Bulwark team, much like previous months, it’s that time where I request funding to continue my work - however - to save people time with voting I’m now going to handle funding a quarter at a time, since this is the beginning of Q2, and we’ve found a new stable price. I’ll now be requesting the same 20,000 BWK, but over a 3 month period.

So, what’s new in the last month - this is our first month with a positive follower count on Twitter since December, and October before that! So we are growing, that’s provable!

Furthermore, our profile visits are up 111% in the past month! What we can tell from this is our paid promotions are not only bringing fresh blood to our tweets, but they are also clicking our name to find out more - this is all great news, and the improved funding will only further this initiative.

In other news, we also have another community meeting happening TOMORROW, which will provide us with much needed updates on where development is, and hopefully more much needed content to market, such as rough release schedules and any new product releases.

Outside these updates please expect to see much more of the same from me and the community - as we continue our growth in to Q2 2019!

To vote

Via the console:
mnbudgetvote many 5523daaf276fa3cde716eeda8237a03668138d2b9590806129e27f4506b14b9b yes

Via the GUI:
Right-click on “MarketingPropQ22019” and click “Vote Yes”

To verify I’ve requested what I have outlined:
Enter in to your RPC console “getbudgetinfo” and locate the vote “Mrkting Prop March”, you can then view all details about that proposal. Furthermore, you can verify you are voting for my proposal by ensuring the “pay to” address is “bVnzUZen6Sn473trmkd5vJ3zVMW8HwtnT9”

Thanks again for your support, both towards me, and the project as a whole!


I also wanted to expand on this a little, seeing as we’ve seen recent price increases.

I will, unless stated otherwise, require only $800 for my own wage - every BWK above this amount will be spent on marketing.