Bulwark Marketing Proposal


Hey guys, Kane here!

So, I’m going to miss on the template, and opt to make this a more personal message, since I’m not going to be asking for any funding right now - consider this more of a “community sentiment” survey using the governance system.

A little about me
So as I mentioned, I’m Kane, I’m 21, and I live in the UK. I got myself involved in the bold new frontier that is cryptocurrency in the middle of last year, discovering Bulwark through Frogman shilling it in a discord run by truedev, and moderated by myself, Kewagi, and some others.

I was there nearly at the genesis block, where I entered a steep learning curve, if you look up my message history in the Discord you can see my 1st message is along the lines of “how do i mine?”

Since then, I moved from brainlet, to tech support, to community manager (for like 48 hours lol), to being the “Games Master” where I ran lots of community events each week, I got closer to the team when I started learning about bash scripting, and created the staking script, and gave support on the masternode script (under the watchful eye of my sensei Kewagi), as well as when I started writing up content for marketing purposes.

In late October, I got a amazing offer from Jack to work directly under him full time on marketing, where I’ve since learnt a lot from him and later Kristen about the world of social media, SEO, tracking ROI, and much more, all while naturally learning more about video editing, photo editing, and writing. I learnt more in the last few months than I had since my 1st apprenticeship in sales back about 4-5 years ago.

Much like many of you, I also woke up to Bulwark being <1000 satoshis a short while ago, with the news that the team were looking for new blood to run the shop, and much like many of you I was very upset with the news, with so much on the horizon, and the project seeming to be steaming ahead, it really did catch me off-guard, but I found motivation from the community’s reaction to such news, and have so far kept on with my day job, while also picking up the work of Kristen, Jack, and Patrick, as I believe that the project itself is bigger than any team, and changing hands is not big enough to kill it.

Which leads to my next point.

My proposal

After speaking with Levi and other community members, the general consensus is that instead of working behind closed doors as we have done in the past, each team member will instead request their own proposal for why they should continue their work, which is what I plan to do now.

For my initial proposal, it seems that nearly all 72,000 BWK is being taken by the Levi/Stu vote, so this initial proposal will be for 50 BWK (the cost of creating it).

However, future proposals for future superblocks will fund me as follows (converted to BWK at time of creation)

$800 monthly salary for myself to work full time, managing all our social media accounts, creating consistent content for our blogs, as well as continuing the YouTube/Bitchute content production. This is the minimum wage for an apprentice working in the UK, and since I am still learning, I feel that this is a fair amount to ask for.

Furthermore, i will also be requesting $250 to form the marketing advertisement budget, allowing us to promote our social media accounts in order to reach more people, and work on google ads ensuring that new investors looking for masternodes are seeing us first. This is a very conservative initial budget when divided between the platforms we operate on, and may expand further in the future, depending on how the returns are for our investment. After seeing the reports of how this budget plays out, I will be able to provide more detailed budget information in future proposals, while reporting on our growth and returns.

I also foresee that we may need/want to roll more items in to the “marketing” budget, costs such as the costs of running the website, knowledgebase, and community forums may in the future fall under me, but they will of course be mentioned in those future proposals, additionally any community members stepping forward may also request financial compensation for their work, in these cases, we will be transparent and report on how those members have been paid.

The opening month

As mentioned previously, the opening month’s superblock is nearly entirely taken by the proposal below:

As such, by voting yes to this proposal, you are voting yes to the following, based on a price of $0.10/BWK, being taken from that 70,000 fund.

8000 BWK - Salary for February
2500 BWK - Advertisement Budget

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and hopefully, this can pass so that I can continue doing the job I love, for the project I support, for the community I adore.

To vote

Via the console:
mnbudgetvote many bbc302759f2b52ef6b27d4bc05152afa3b2f995d6ae8aaa101402e6d38e05aaf yes

Via the GUI:
Right-click on “02 19 Marketing” and click “Vote Yes”

To verify I’ve requested what I have outlined:
Enter in to your RPC console “getbudgetinfo” and locate the vote “02 19 Marketing”, you can then view all details about that proposal. Furthermore, you can verify you are voting for my proposal by ensuring the “pay to” address is “bVnzUZen6Sn473trmkd5vJ3zVMW8HwtnT9”

Since the 1st content I ever ran for Bulwark was a meme creation contest, I feel it’s only fair I create one for this occasion. Enjoy.


Of course I will vote yes for my favourite weeb ! :grinning: