Bulwark Mod Wage Proposal - April


Hello to all Bulwarkians!

Before sharing my proposal I would like to introduce myself and tell my short story about how I found Bulwark:

My name is Tristan, better known as “LyGhT.” I’ve got into crypto through a YouTube video which explained mining and made me get the interest of mining. After trying to find the best coin for me to mine our fellow Moderator, also friend of mine, Lemon suggested me a coin named “Bulwark” which just launched and I really liked the concept and vision of it, so I instantly tried to mine it and joined the Community on Discord. Actively helping out other community members gave a positive impression of me, so that I got the offer to join the Bulwark Moderator team, which I happily accepted!
In the timeframe of a whole year now I have met so many cool and nice people and I loved working together with the Bulwark Team in the good but also in the bad times. And here I am now.

What is this Proposal about?

This Proposal is to give a fair wage to myself.


Because I have been working for free for a long time now and I feel like my work should be rewarded - cause of this I decided to create this Proposal.

This proposal would allow me to receive $366.795 (5000 Bulwark) which I do consider a fair wage for myself.

But what is my work at Bulwark you may ask:

  • Working on the Bulwark Knowledgebase
  • Supporting and Moderating on Discord aswell as Telegram
  • Posting Updates on all various platforms
  • Managing the Bulwark Forum, Bulwark’s Subreddit and our Bitcointalk thread
  • Assisting Kane on the Bulwark Monthly’s

Hopefully this gives you a small insight on what I am doing at Bulwark

The Governance Address for this proposal is: bQPTw9bmw5iHky9xkbLdVYrtbzeSyMC7VU

Thanks for your support towards both me and the project!
Let’s make Bulwark great together as a community!


As it looks like this proposal will not be passing, I have provided Lyght with a wage out of the marketing budget, as he performs a great service to the community, and I believe the work he does falls under marketing’s jurisdiction.