Hardware Development Governance Proposal


Governance funding of this proposal would assist in paying research development, parts sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of all current and future Bulwark privacy hardware products.

Research: Funding to allow for time allocation to research improvements on current hardware developments.

Development: Funding to allow for actually developing hardware as well as hardware related software developments.

Parts Sourcing: Funding to allow purchasing of test parts for research and development purposes on improvements for current hardware products as well as future hardware products.

Manufacturing: Funding to assist in paying for any manufacturing costs involved in assembling hardware products.

Distribution: Funding to assist in logistics and distribution to prepare current and future hardware products for public sale.

This proposal is ongoing and will continue to aid in funding hardware developments for Bulwark and will require enough votes on a monthly basis.

Governance Address for this proposal: bPxU7VbaWPRb9xLHCiY7gWZ9FKPuJjKSLG


This proposal passed on 2019-03-17 10:55:59 UTC

The budget was payed out in the below tx: