January Proposal Questions


Some helpful Q&A from the Bulwark Discord channel. Thank you algato and Patrick!

Q: The first proposal is from December, should I still vote for this proposal? Is this proposal already out of date?
A: That has been finalized and you do not need to vote on it. “Start Block” has passed and the budget was paid since our budget was only for one month and met the required amount of votes.

Q: If it is of date, why does an old proposal stay on the list, can/should the old proposal from December be removed from the list? or is it conscious that the old proposals stay on the list?
A: “Expired” proposals do hang around for a period of time but do get removed eventually when the “End Block” passes. You can select “budget projection” for this month’s current proposals. You can also check the start block of each proposal to see if it is still valid and not already been finalized, you will have to take into account that certain proposals can span over multiple months. You may execute getbudgetinfo "BUDGETNAME" in the RPC console to see the full details of any given proposal.

Q: Can I somehow see if I have already voted for a proposal?
A: Apart from personal memory there is no way currently to see if you voted, but you can execute getbudgetvotes "BUDGETNAME" and it will give a list of all the masternode votes and their mHash

Q: Can I vote several times for a proposal in one month?
A: One valid vote per proposal, per masternode. Your masternode votes are valid on multiple proposals. You can also change your stance on a proposal whenever, so long as it is before the finalisation.

Q: How many votes do I have per month per masternode ? i.e. for how many proposals can I vote at all?
A: 1 vote per masternode, per proposal.