Mobile Wallet Proposal - March - 1/3


Jumps in to the proposal section again


This proposal is for funding our listing on to a mobile wallet platform, known as MyStakingWallet, a project created by the team behind Linda coin.

Before I give a summary, I would advise you read their official documentation:

The advantages of this wallet:
Staking on your mobile, without the blockchain bloat.
Remote control of your Bulwark funds, staking splits, and masternode.
Already available on iOS and Apple app stores.
We have passed all technical checks, and once funding is secured we can be listed immediately.
Access from either a web dashboard or the mobile app
We are able to airdrop coins to users signing up to the mobile app.

The costs:
Usually the Linda team are very firm with their .75 BTC upfront listing fee, however, due to our projects reputation, we’ve negotiated this to 3x monthly payments of .25 BTC, with immediate listing on the 1st payment.

I feel the benefits of such a quality app are worth that price tag, but that isn’t for me to decide, and is why I am creating this proposal for our community to vote on.

As these amounts are tied to a BTC value, I’m going to overestimate the BWK costs to ensure we can pay Linda each month - however - any BWK amount ABOVE the .25 BTC each month will be AIRDROPPED between each wallet using the MSW platform, and given back to the community while serving as a marketing tool for Bulwark and the wallet.

To vote:

This 1st part is for 19,000 BWK, and indicates a willingness to spend similar amounts in the next 2 months.

    "Name": "MobWallet Prop 1/3",
    "URL": "",
    "Hash": "91840f7971d09f33d339472f0e0abb659f573ad51e76e70bae2c59aeb079cc12",
    "FeeHash": "8af026111c805f5cb53262139331d07aea25d2ffc500c10b49f82ce507a8ffd6",
    "BlockStart": 432000,
    "BlockEnd": 460801,
    "TotalPaymentCount": 1,
    "RemainingPaymentCount": 1,
    "PaymentAddress": "bVnzUZen6Sn473trmkd5vJ3zVMW8HwtnT9",
    "Ratio": 0,
    "Yeas": 0,
    "Nays": 0,
    "Abstains": 0,
    "TotalPayment": 19000.00000000,
    "MonthlyPayment": 19000.00000000,
    "IsEstablished": false,
    "IsValid": true,
    "IsValidReason": "",
    "fValid": true

To Vote:

Via the console:
mnbudgetvote many 91840f7971d09f33d339472f0e0abb659f573ad51e76e70bae2c59aeb079cc12 yes

Via the GUI:
Right-click on “MobWallet Prop 1/3” and click “Vote Yes”

To verify I’ve requested what I have outlined:
Enter in to your RPC console “getbudgetinfo” and locate the vote “MobWallet Prop 1/3”, you can then view all details about that proposal. Furthermore, you can verify you are voting for my proposal by ensuring the “pay to” address is “bVnzUZen6Sn473trmkd5vJ3zVMW8HwtnT9”


This proposal was accepted, but there was not space in the block reward. Currently investigating options to put this forward again next month.