More Exchanges (v2)


Hey everyone,

This is a repeat of a previous proposal. The last proposal began May 15th, and the voting ended on that same day. So votes since then, have been all for not, and the last proposal is not being counted as a legitimate. This was the old proposal:

“This proposal is to gauge the communities interest in getting Bulwark onto a new exchange.
Bulwark is at a bit of a crossroads with the recent announcement Cryptopia put forward
regarding their liquidation. In short, Cryptopia is closing its doors. That leaves Bulwark with only
one exchange to be traded on, Crypto-Bridge (or two, if you count which has yet to even
be listed on CMC). Liquidity and accessibility are essential for a cryptocurrency, and if Bulwark
ever wants to recover, in my opinion, it needs to be listed on a reputable exchange.
This proposal will not be used to fund anything, but merely has been created to create a more,
official discussion concerning landing a new exchange for Bulwark. What I’m proposing is that
we suspend funding for hardware development, and the 3D printer and divert those funds to pay
for the listing fee of a new exchange. The more Bulwark falls in price, the less valuable the
governance payments will be to either of these two endeavors, and it is my opinion that if a new,
reputable exchange is had for Bulwark, it will see Bulwark begin to recover its price.
Again, this proposal won’t enact anything; it is merely a raising of hands, to see if this is an idea
that the community can get behind.
Do you want Bulwark to be listed on a new exchange at the cost of postponing payments for
hardware development? If so, vote Yes on the “More Exchanges” proposal.
Address: bL2BLL8W7t9nzSRV94aT2VzL61DbTk6ntC”

Since this original proposal we’ve seen the push for more exchanges (low tier exchanges, all smaller in volume than CB), but we’ve heard nothing in terms of pushing some governance funding from hardware development to fund a war chest to pay for an exchange’s listing fee. These mid tier exchanges that would help propel BWK in this bullish crypto season will have a listing fee. Saturating BWK with a bunch of low tier exchanges isn’t the answer. Sure options are great, but we need a replacement for Cryptopia. The conclusion to this proposal is simple; if you would like to see a temporary diversion of funds from hardware development, to a war chest that will be used for a mid-tier exchange vote “Yes” to “More Exchanges (v2)” proposal. This proposal will not divert funds itself, but it will be merely a gauge to see where the community stands on this issue.

(this time, voting will count until approximately June 15-16 2019)

Have a great day BWK community!