More Exchanges


Hey everyone,
This proposal is to gauge the communities interest in getting Bulwark onto a new exchange.
Bulwark is at a bit of a crossroads with the recent announcement Cryptopia put forward
regarding their liquidation. In short, Cryptopia is closing its doors. That leaves Bulwark with only
one exchange to be traded on, Crypto-Bridge (or two, if you count which has yet to even
be listed on CMC). Liquidity and accessibility are essential for a cryptocurrency, and if Bulwark
ever wants to recover, in my opinion, it needs to be listed on a reputable exchange.
This proposal will not be used to fund anything, but merely has been created to create a more,
official discussion concerning landing a new exchange for Bulwark. What I’m proposing is that
we suspend funding for hardware development, and the 3D printer and divert those funds to pay
for the listing fee of a new exchange. The more Bulwark falls in price, the less valuable the
governance payments will be to either of these two endeavors, and it is my opinion that if a new,
reputable exchange is had for Bulwark, it will see Bulwark begin to recover its price.
Again, this proposal won’t enact anything; it is merely a raising of hands, to see if this is an idea
that the community can get behind.
Do you want Bulwark to be listed on a new exchange at the cost of postponing payments for
hardware development? If so, vote Yes on the “More Exchanges” proposal.
Address: bL2BLL8W7t9nzSRV94aT2VzL61DbTk6ntC