Restore bulwark proposal



  • Move to community code structure as replacement for failing current foundation model
  • Appoint Stuart and Levi as community representatives to deliver Bulwark whitepaper goals
  • Major project revision by community representatives to identify areas for cost savings and FTE(Full Time Equivalent) reduction
  • Governance funding associated with this proposal will be held in an escrow account and staked, or operated as Masternodes, for maximum eventual return.

Community representatives will request no compensation for their current work within this proposal and the community can review future proposals once the project’s direction is corrected

All future payments for services, including staff costs (if any), will be voted on in a public manner to ensure fairness.

Supporting this proposal requires two steps:

  1. Reject the current Bulwark Governance Proposal with a rejection vote.
  2. Support this proposal by voting YES on “Bulwark Proposal”

Bulwark Marketing Proposal

Thanks for making this buddy! Bulwark will live on, super excited for 2019.


Make sure you check out all the proposals that are on the way before voting!